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Greater Victoria: Full renovation of single family home

All ceiling lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and electrical outlets
Kitchen of a Greater Victoria renovation

Recessed lighting in a vaulted ceiling
Ceiling lighting in a Greater Victoria renovation

Basement in-law suite addition

Living room, hall, and kitchen lighting, electrical outlets, electric heating, and suite sub panel.
Basement in-law suite addition

Recessed ceiling lighting, electrical outlets, under-cabinet lighting, kitchen appliance outlets, over the range fan, and electric heating.
Basement in-law suite addition

Garage in single family home converted to a media room

Recessed ceiling lighting, in-ceiling speakers, media closet, ceiling fan, in-wall recessed media outlet, niche display lighting, and in-wall electric heating (not pictured)

Media room addition in single family home

Backyard landscape lighting

Low voltage outdoor lighting
Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

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